North Area Sales Manager (M/F)

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About Vilmorin-Mikado
Vilmorin-Mikado is a Franco-Japanese seed producer that has specialized in creating, producing, and selling vegetable seeds for professionals since 1743. As a responsible partner in the vegetable food chain, Vilmorin-Mikado is committed to helping better nourish people everywhere. Our wide range of unique, original seeds is distributed on five continents in more than 100 countries. Vilmorin-Mikado has more than 1,000 employees and recorded sales of €230 million in 2022-2023, of which 15% was entirely devoted to research. World leader in carrots and witloof chicory, Vilmorin-Mikado is also a major player in salads, tomatoes, sweet peppers, kabocha squashes, daikon radishes and bunching onions. Nearly three centuries ago, Vilmorin-Mikado's founders began our Tree Seeds work, which actively contributes to rebuilding sustainable forests. - #VilmorinMikado
Vilmorin-Mikado is part of Limagrain, an agricultural cooperative and an international seed group owned by French farmers. Limagrain breeds, produces, and distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and agri-food products. Focused on the genetic progress of plants, Limagrain is the fourth largest seed group worldwide. - #Limagrain



Position description

Employment Type

Regular Full Time



Main Goal

This position conducts the following activities in the three sales strategies (market strategy, customer strategy, and pricing strategy).

- Assist the General Manager of the Sales Department (Sales manager).
- Conduct market analyses in the relevant regions.           

- Formulate and implement sales strategies for own products in order to increase VMK sales and profits.
- Collect and manage relevant customer information (customer information, market information, credit management, collection management) and set appropriate prices.
- Guidance : increase motivation and management and evaluation of local sales representatives.

Job description

Assist the General Manager of the Sales Department (Sales manager) in the following operations:

- Create, manage and execute sales budgets, expense budgets, sales forecasts (20 days per month).
- Business report (20 days per month), monthly forecast, prototype management, claim report, travel report, and other filing management.
- Collect relevant customer information, implement credit and collection management, and prevent bad debts.
- Investigate the market conditions in the relevant market, share the feasibility check and development strategy of our products with the sales manager and the Product development manager.
- Support prototype surveys and support for smooth introduction to the marketplace.
- Analyze regional market trends and identify new sales opportunities.
- Understand recruitment needs in the region concerned, and select and train qualified employees.
- Planning and implementation of promotional events and support for advertising in the applicable territory.
- Provide proposals for new services and products and innovative sales methods to increase customer satisfaction.
- Manage Sales team education, such as strategy briefings, seminars, and regular meetings.
- Ensure the implementation of safety rules within the team and make regular safety visits.

Skills: what we expect of you

Required knowledge

- Listening to customers.
- Technical knowledge of the seed and selling business.
- Market and customer knowledge.
- Regulation and Law related to business.
- Knowledge of IT tools and software used in the business.


- Good organizational skill, planning ability, management and coordination of priorities.
- Analysis and Integration.
- Leadership, Team spirit, Management skills.
- Entrepreneurship and Business Mindset.
- Autonomy, and Flexiblity in response.
- Well-organized and confidence.
- Enterprising spirit.



Position localization

Job location

Asia, Japan


1-4-11 Ohnodai, Midori-ku - 2670056 Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture - JAPAN

Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

Master's degree

Minimum level of experience required

10 years or more


Work from Home possible for the position.


  • Japanese (4 - Fluent)
  • English (3 - Professional)