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Limagrain Europe is a pure seed player company with solid agricultural roots. Under its LG, international brand, the company is developing innovative solutions based on a multi-crop offer through 21 subsidiaries. LG is one of the European seed leaders in maize, wheat, barley, oilseed rape and sunflower seeds.

Limagrain Europe is contributing to progress in Agriculture every day, by offering genetic and agronomic solutions that allow farmers to achieve better performance while meeting environmental challenges and societal expectations.

Limagrain Europe is a Business Unit of Limagrain, an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers and an international group, the fourth largest seed company worldwide. As a creator and producer of plant varieties, Limagrain distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and agri-food products.

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With the European research strategy Corn defines, you must ensure the realization of seed productions, its material and technical organization. You must ensure that the productions meet our specifications (Quality, Quantity, Purity and identity) and study Seed productivity set up on the production network of Limagrain Ukraine R&D Station.
You are responsible for supply of Top cross and/or experimental hybrids, supply of genitors to Germsplasm, obtain data on the seed productivity of genotypes and be the Relay security of R&D Station (Rohy, Ukraine).

Job description

- You implement the production plan defined by your Seeds Europe Production Manager
- You lead the seed production activity, while respecting the specifications requested by our breeders, hybrid coordinators, DPM engineers and Seed production coordinator
- You carry out an important role for the Seed Productivity so that you can help determine and predict if genotypes used by Limagrain will be able to meet the industrial requirements of our company.
- You manage the employees who belong to you, you take care of their well-being and they respect all the safety instructions as well as the rules of the QS


Graduated from a university degree in agronomy, you have a significant experience in agronomy or seed production. You have a solid maize knowledge and a successful experience in team management. Organization and planning are items of your skills.
You speak a good English or French, have computer skills and mastery of statistical tools and methods.
Your sense of urgency and ability to make decisions quickly is developed. You make attention to detail. Finally, your good relationship you favor the collective sense.

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Europe, Ukraine

Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

Master's degree

Specific expertise

  • Agriculture/Agronomy
  • Biology

Minimum level of experience required

3 years or more


  • French (2 - Intermediate)
  • English (2 - Intermediate)


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